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Postural Assessment

  • Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2017

You can tell by our name — Body Aligned — that we are firm believers that an aligned body is a healthy, pain-free body. But, unfortunately, our everyday life works against us. Too much sitting, too much standing, awkward lifting or even unsafe workout regimens can wreak havoc on our proper alignment.

Let’s face it, even if we are trying to be mindful of bodies, we all have particular positions that we favor during the day. Over time, our spine, joints and muscles become unbalanced while trying to accommodate that favored position. Vertebrae and joints will be pulled out of their natural positions, and muscles will tighten or weaken to adjust to that change. Nerves will be triggered, and pain will result … then your muscles and joints will try to pull themselves into a different position to eliminate that pain.

It’s a vicious circle.

However, whenever there is a dysfunction in our skeletal or muscular system, it will manifest as a postural imbalance that can be observed by a trained eye.

That’s where a Postural Assessment comes in.

With a Postural Assessment, you will get more information about your body and a better understanding of your actual alignment and imbalances. Then, with Pilates, you will be able to strategically target your individual needs — strengthen the weak muscles and stretch-and-release the tight ones.

Specifically designing your Pilates session to address the postural dysfunctions discovered in your Postural Assessment, can increase your flexibility and strength, while eliminating muscle spasms and pain.

Plus, a Postural Assessment is also a good way to discover an overlooked scoliosis, so that we can work on the necessary mobility of your spine.

Frankly, working on specific imbalances can help prevent injuries for anyone! Why continue to overwork the same muscles while allowing others to languish? Correct those imbalances and avoid repetitive injuries.

After completing a Posturology course at the St.John-Clark Pain Treatment Center in Clearwater, Maria is now a specialist in postural analysis. Take advantage of her ability to assess and correct muscular imbalances in your body by scheduling a postural assessment appointment with her. Then Pilates will be the next logical step in your process.

Doesn’t it make sense to get your Body Aligned?!

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