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Located in Hyde Park area of South Tampa, Body Aligned offers Pilates, Barre and Yoga in one great space. All of our instructors are comprehensively trained in Pilates. The studio is fully equipped with Balanced Body equipment. We offer privates, semi-privates and small group classes. Wellness is the key to happiness!


1st Pilates private appointment for $25
3 Pilates private appointments for $150
3 Pilates semi-private appointments for $105

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1st Private appointment for $45
3 private appointments for $180

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1st Yoga private appointment for $25
3 Yoga private appointments for $150
3 Yoga semi-private appointments for $105

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"Beautiful studio experienced instructors"

Szy W.


"Best Pilates studio in Tampa!"

Dan K.


"I LOVE it here. Fun and highly effective Pilates instruction in a really beautiful environment."

Tracey D


What's New
  1. GYROKINESIS® Class in Tampa! Natalie Mandeville 22-Jan-2018
  2. A Trainer with an Empathy for Pain Tracey Davis 13-Jan-2018
  3. Continuing Education Course: Athletic Reformer with Courtney Miller Natalie Mandeville 23-Sep-2017
  4. Postural Assessment Tracey Davis 24-Aug-2017
  5. What to Expect at Your First Session Tracey Davis 03-Mar-2017
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